Seat Ateca Xperience Concept Interior Design Trailer

The objective of the SEAT Ateca X-Perience is precisely to underline the all-terrain characteristics of the Ateca. It considers those people that, for either their pastimes, their lifestyles or simply for their needs, they would like to get the best off-road qualities from the car. We know that the normal Ateca user is going to drive for 95% of their time on asphalt (in cities, on roads and motorways) and the remaining 5% on off-road or snow. However, with the X-Perience, that proportion will be 75% normal use and 25% off-road. It aims for the customer that, above all, is going to use the Ateca off-road, for those demanding SUV drivers that need excellent all-terrain qualities. The SEAT Ateca X-Perience lends itself to the most adventurous and off-road situations. In short, it is a car with which it is possible to go the furthest destined for those that consider asphalt a formality and for those to whom tracks and lanes remain small and insignificant. The interesting thing, the attractive thing and the challenge are further than the conventional limits.