2016 New Renault CLIO Sedan and Estate Park Assist

Since the very first generation of the model, the Renault Clio’s reputation has been founded on its ability to cope with city motoring and driving on long distance with equal ease. Thanks to its driving aids, New Clio marks another step forward again in terms of agility and versatility. It comes with sensors fitted all around the vehicle, making the car particularly manoeuvrable, even in the trickiest driving and parking situations. In addition to its rear parking sensor, and depending on the version, New Clio offers a front parking sensor and a rear view camera to simplify manoeuvres and help to avoid the bumps and scrapes that are a daily risk of driving in an urban environment. The introduction of the Easy Park Assist system on higher-end versions makes parking manoeuvre easier. The driver begins by indicating what type of parking they are looking for, be it parallel, perpendicular or diagonal. When the vehicle is travelling at speeds below 30kph, this system detects all available spaces that are big enough to accommodate New Clio. Once a suitable space has been identified, the system calculates and coordinates the vehicle’s steering, meaning the driver does not need to touch the wheel and can focus solely on acceleration, braking and gear changes.